How to layer your skin care in the a.m.

With so many skin care products on the market, you are probably wondering if there is a right way to layer them. The answer is yes – there is a right way and many women still don’t know that. Today I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned about layering your skin care and how to get the most of your products.

Like most women, you are likely using more than one product in your a.m. routine, so knowing the right order is essential if you want to avoid wasting time, money and effort. One universal rule is to start with the lightest/ thinnest product and to finish with the heaviest/ thickest one. The only exceptions to this rule are oils and sunscreens, because they act as a barrier on the skin and should be used last. Sunscreens only sit on top of the skin and protect it from the sun rays. If they go on first, they prevent other products from penetrating.

Other than that, there is a particular order that can be useful to you even if you don’t have a 10 – step skin care routine. Just pick the products you need and set the in the right order.

Layering guide

  1. Toner/ Essence – these products have almost the same fluidity as water and they sink really fast into the skin. That’s why you should always start with them (if you are using any) and they also prep the skin for the rest of the products that you are going to use. Moreover, they work even better if your skin is still moist, so gently pat your skin dry but don’t rub it with a towel.
  2. Product booster – this a relatively new product on the market, which only has one purpose and that is to boost the effectiveness of your skin care products. I personally don’t have one but I’m on the look for it, so that I can test for myself.
  3. Serums – they are packed with strong ingredients that can really change the skin if used right. It doesn’t matter which problems you are trying to tackle with serums, always apply them as early as possible to the skin, so the skin can absorb them directly and use them to their maximum potential.2017-03-15-09.39.36-1-1.jpg.jpeg2017-03-15-09.39.38-1-1.jpg.jpeg
  4. Lotions – they have a lighter formula than a cream and are really good for some extra hydration if your skin is particularly dry. For me, the hyaluronic acid by The Ordinary works just fine in the a.m., so I don’t feel the need to add an extra product to my routine just for the hydration properties. Of course, this could be a wonderful product, if you have a really dry or dull skin, so don’t hesitate to test it, as this might be just the right one for you.2017-03-15-09.39.40-1-1.jpg.jpeg2017-03-15-09.39.42-1.jpg.jpeg
  5. Creams – the rule with creams is the thicker the cream, the more likely it is to have waxy ingredients that create a moisture barrier on the skin. So the thicker the cream is, the more hydration it will lock into your skin.2017-03-15-09.40.00-1.jpg.jpeg2017-03-15-09.40.02-1.jpg.jpeg With that said if you have oily or acne- prone skin, you should look for a lighter formula, that doesn’t clog the pores. If you are suffering from a major dryness, then it shouldn’t be a problem for you to use a thick cream during the day.2017-03-15-09.39.51-1-1.jpg.jpeg2017-03-15-09.39.52-1-1.jpg.jpeg
  6. Oils – they act as a barrier protection and work to keep the moisture in and all of the bad toxins out of your skin. They also leave the skin feeling very smooth and glowing. What I often do is, I apply some argan oil around my eyes, on dry patches and avoid the T- zone, because this is where I get oily throughout the day. So I find it more useful to only use oils where you need them and to spare where you don’t.2017-03-15-09.39.46-1-1.jpg.jpeg2017-03-15-09.39.49-1.jpg.jpeg
  7. SPF – this is a huge one. Everyone already knows that sun damage is real but the majority still don’t use it. If you are taking anti- aging seriously than you should use it daily as a last step in your skin care regimen.2017-03-15-09.39.59-1.jpg.jpeg2017-03-15-09.39.56-1.jpg.jpeg

Tips and notes

  • If you give each product about 1-2 minutes to sink into your skin, they won’t pill.
  • If you have very sensitive skin that reddens easily but still want to use serums and acids in particular, try applying a simple, fragrance-free moisturizer first and then serums on top


I’m not a doctor or a certified esthetician. I’ve done my research and tried out different products in order to find those that work well for my skin. If you have serious skin problems, please consult a doctor.

Do you layer your skin care and if so how do you do it? Let me know in the comments below!



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