Perfect Manicure at Home

I think all of us girls like it when we have our nails nicely painted and our hand taken care of. A weekly trip to the nail salon could be a little bit too expensive for the most of us, so today I’m going to show you how I do my nails at home.

  1. Hand and nail care
  • Start with a little bit of nail polish remover on a cotton pad and remover any old nail polish and oils from your nails. This will give you a clean surface to work with and it will help your manicure last longer.2017-03-10-05.39.15-1.jpg.jpeg2017-03-10-05.39.01-1.jpg.jpeg
  • Next, take a cuticle remover and a cuticle pusher and push back all of your cuticles; so that they won’t interfere with your nail polish when it’s time to apply it.2017-03-10-05.39.12-1.jpg.jpeg2017-03-10-05.39.10-1.jpg.jpeg If your cuticles are a bit too long, take a nail clipper and very carefully remove them. Just make sure you are not going too deep into your nail bed, as this might cause wounds or an infection.2017-03-10-05.39.05-1.jpg.jpeg
  • After you are done with your cuticles, it’s time to file the nails. I personally like to file my nails in a square form with a glass file, because I find it to be the most gentle to my nails. File your nails as you’d like and get ready for the next step!2017-03-10-05.39.09-1.jpg.jpeg2017-03-10-05.39.07-1.jpg.jpeg
  • Now, this may be an unnecessary step for some of you, but I think a good hand scrub makes all the difference in the way your hands look. A gentle scrub will exfoliate your hands, get rid of any dirt on your nail beds and it will reveal a new skin that looks fresh and well-maintained. So, give your hands and nails a good scrub and wash it off afterwards. Trust me, you’ll notice a difference!2017-03-10-05.39.03-1.jpg.jpeg


  1. Painting the nails
  • Always, always, always start with a base coat. It will protect the nails from staining, it will give you a smooth surface to work with and if your base coat has some strengthening properties, it will make your nails stronger over time as well.2017-03-10-05.38.59-1.jpg.jpeg2017-03-10-05.38.57-1.jpg.jpeg
  • Now comes the fun part – the actual painting of the nails. After you’ve picked your colour of choice, start by applying one thin layer of the nail polish. Wait about 5- 10 minutes and apply a second coat to really bring out the colour. 2017-03-10-05.38.55-1.jpg.jpeg2017-03-10-05.38.53-1.jpg.jpegIf you’ve messed up with the application and let’s be honest – we all do, now would be the time to clear the skin around your nails.2017-03-10-05.38.35-1.jpg.jpeg2017-03-10-05.38.36-1.jpg.jpeg
  • Now, it’s time for the top coat. The top coat will make your nail polish even glossier and it will make sure that your manicure will last, as it will seal everything and keep in place until you decide to remove it.2017-03-10-05.38.46-1.jpg.jpeg
  • If you don’t want to wait for your nail polish to dry completely or you have to be somewhere, you can always use dry drops. They literally dry your nail polish in half of the time and you are good to go.2017-03-10-05.38.44-1.jpg.jpeg2017-03-10-05.38.41-1.jpg.jpeg2017-03-10-05.38.33-1.jpg.jpeg
  • Lastly, apply a little bit of your favorite hand cream, so that your hands will be smooth and moisturized after the manicure.2017-03-10-05.38.39-1.jpg.jpeg2017-03-10-05.38.38-1.jpg.jpeg2017-03-10-05.38.30-1.jpg.jpeg2017-03-10-05.38.28-1.jpg.jpeg


  1. Products used in the tutorial
  • Nail polish remover by Ebelin
  • Cotton pads by Duchesse
  • Express cuticle remover by Catrice Cosmetics
  • Cuticle pusher by Essence
  • Nail file by Ebelin
  • Nail clipper by Prettytime
  • Hand scrub by Mary Kay
  • Base coat – Diamond Strength by Sally Hansen
  • Nail polish – UV Powergel №030 by Trend it up
  • Top coat – Better than Gel Nails by Essence
  • Dry drops by Essence
  • Hand cream – Derma Spa by Dove

This is how I do my nails at home and I hope it was helpful. Do you do your nails at home or do you prefer to go to a nail salon? Let me know in the comments below!



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