February Favorites

As February came to an end, I asked myself how it is possible that it’s already March, when it feels like we were celebrating New Year’s Eve just yesterday. It is so bizarre to me how time flies these days! One good thing though, is that it’s once again time for my monthly favorites, so let’s get started!

  1. Skin Care2017-03-10-05.39.41-1.jpg.jpeg
  • Advanced Retinoid 2% by The Ordinary – this is a new-generation retinol that will tackle your skin problems without the irritations that come with using it. I have been using it three times a week at night time since January and I have barely noticed any irritations. Maybe some dry patches here and there but nothing too serious. It’s a great product if you are just starting to use a retinoid.2017-03-10-05.39.37-1.jpg.jpeg
  • Vitamin C serum by ArtNaturals – this one does not only have vitamin C in it but hyaluronic acid, amino acids, vitamin E and ferulic acid. It’s a great blend and I love it so much because it has 20% vitamin C in it. If you are serious about anti-aging products and want to use a serum like this, you want to look for something that has a higher percentage of vitamin C in it. It is really a great product without the heavy price tag that you can incorporate into your skin regimen.2017-03-10-05.39.39-1.jpg.jpeg
  • Anthelios by La Roche-Posay with SPF 30 – if you are using acids on your face, you can’t get away with skipping sunscreen. Furthermore, sunscreen is the best anti-aging product that you can ever use and your skin will thank you for it in the long run. I picked the hydrating formula because it is still winter here in Germany and my skin needs not only protection from the sun rays but from the cold temperatures and harsh winds as well. It doesn’t break me out either, so that’s always a plus.2017-03-10-05.39.31-1.jpg.jpeg
  • Tea tree oil – speaking of breakouts, if I happen to get one, I apply a little tea tree oil on it and I swear to you, it disappears over night! I can’t believe I have discovered this product just couple of weeks ago. It’s amazing! You only need a small amount of it, so it will last you a really long time as well.2017-03-10-05.39.35-1.jpg.jpeg
  1. Hair Care
  • Instant Clear Nutrition by L’Oreal Professionnel – it’s an anti-dandruff shampoo that I bought because I needed something that will clarify my scalp and get rid of any product build-up. It’s enriched with zinc, which is known for its healing properties. If you have little wounds or irritations on your scalp, the zinc will help them heal faster. The shampoo is specially made for coloured or dry hair and it will clarify it without drying it out.2017-03-10-05.39.29-1.jpg.jpeg
  1. Make up
  • Volume Elixir by Yves Rocher in 01 Noir – this mascara is enriched with hibiscus peptides, which repair lashes and help them grow longer and stronger. I personally like it because of the big brush, which gives me great volume without making my lashes clumpy. It doesn’t smudge and it also doesn’t irritate my eyes.2017-03-10-05.39.24-1.jpg.jpeg2017-03-10-05.39.27-1.jpg.jpeg
  1. Nail Combo
  • I have been loving the №239 by KIKO Milano with the Better than Gel Nails by Essence over it because the top coat makes the colour incredibly rich and my nails last at least a week without any chipping. It’s has become my go-to combo recently.2017-03-10-05.39.28-1.jpg.jpeg
  1. Lips
  • Nobody likes chapped lips and neither do I. I have been desperately trying to prevent my lips from chapping during the winter and the only product that has helped me is the Coco Nilla by Bee Natural. This is an all-natural lip balm made in the USA, which I’ve found in the drugstore here in Germany and so far it’s the only product I have been using on my lips underneath any other lip products. It does an incredible job for me and I absolutely recommend it.2017-03-10-05.39.22-1.jpg.jpeg

These have been my favorites during the past month. Do you have any products that have made it on your favorites list? Let me know in the comments below!



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