In The Spotlight: KIKO Milano Nail Polishes

Hello beauties and welcome back to my blog!

I decided to start a new segment here on the blog, which I called “In the spotlight” where I will gather products from one brand and give you my opinion on them. And as life happens, I stumbled upon a very good offer at the KIKO Milano store the other day and decided to finally try their products. I bought 5 different nail polishes for 5 Euro instead for 10! That means each of them costs 1 Euro!  That’s unheard of here in Germany, so I had to get them! I also figured it will be a nice opportunity to start the segment!

  1. About the brand

KIKO Milano is an Italian cosmetics brand, which was founded in 1977 in Milano. They offer a wide range of make-up, face and body treatments, make-up brushes and nail polishes for a reasonable price. Their stores are all over the globe including in Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, UK, Russia, Switzerland etc. They also offer many discounts and have offers like the one with the nail polishes all the time.2017-02-12-05.03.37-1.jpg.jpeg

  1. The nail polishes

I haven’t tried anything else from KIKO Milano before, so I was very interested in this offer and frankly, very curios to find out if they are worth it. Here they are:

  • № 507 – a very creamy beige color, totally versatile; the perfect nude color, which goes with every outfit for every occasion; it has a very light texture, which makes it easy to apply, with that said you may need 2 coats of it to achieve the color you see in the bottle.2017-02-12-05.03.29-2-1.jpg.jpeg
  • № 217 – a sparkly rosy color with a lilac undertone; just like with the previous one, this one has a very light texture, so you’ll definitely need 2 coats of it; it’s quite girly and it goes very well with my skin tone.2017-02-11-09.49.30-1-1.jpg.jpeg
  • № 318 – a lilac color, definitely deeper than the other two, this is the perfect color for fall! I can definitely see myself rocking it during the fall with a cozy sweater and a leather jacket; it also has a nice light texture and I had to apply 2 coats to really bring out the color, but other than that, I really like it!2017-02-12-05.10.49-1-1.jpg.jpeg
  • № 495 – this one is a really deep purple color, which is also quite sparkly and maybe another fall/winter color; in comparison to the others, this one has a heavier texture, which is also quite creamy; I doubt that you will need 2 coats from this one, as it may be not as easy for it to dry out completely on your nails and it may smudge.2017-02-12-05.03.25-2-1.jpg.jpeg
  • № 239 – and finally my most favorite color of them all! Passion red nail polish, ugh, my weakness! It’s a universally chick color and you can never go wrong with it. Apart from the fact that I’m a sucker for a good red nail polish, I think this one really hits the spot, as it is not too light or dark and I have the feeling that it will suit every skin color very well.2017-02-12-05.03.35-1.jpg.jpeg

Side note: I always apply a base coat and a top coat when I do my nails, so I can’t really say if these nail polishes are going to chip after 2 days. I strongly believe that a good base and top coat will make any manicure last so much longer. So, no matter which nail polish by whichever brand you are using, apply your favorite base and top coast and your manicure should last at least 5-6 days.

Are you familiar with the brand and have you used any products from it? Let me know in the comments below!



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