Achieve your goals with Passion Planner

Welcome back everyone and thank you so much for joining me after such a long break! This is my first blog post in what it feels like a decade, so I had to give it a good thought before publishing. So I figured talking about New Year’s resolutions and ways to achieve your goals would be a good start.

You may have already heard about it or seen it in your Instagram feed, because this little tool has become quite popular in the last few years. The Passion Planner. Created by Angelia Trinidad, this little tool has taken the planner community by storm and with a good reason. Let’s look into it, shall we?

  1. What is Passion Planner?

The Passion Planner, as the name says it, is a planner, which helps you keep your finances, health, studying schedule, work/life balance in check. Furthermore, it comes in many different sizes and styles, for instance compact, dated, undated, limited editions and many more. The options are endless!20170110_151505-1

  1. How is the Passion Planner set?

The first couple pages of the planner introduce you to it and its benefits. There are also some words of encouragement and then comes the Passion Road Map. This is a step-by-step guide to mapping out your goals, where you can write everything you want to achieve in the next three months, one year, three years and lastly in your lifetime. Right next to it is your game changer aka your one goal that will have the best impact on your life right now. The good thing about the passion road map is that it helps you envision your goals and break them into smaller steps, so you can accomplish them easier. You are also given a certain amount of time, in which you have to take action in order to complete the steps you have already written down. After that come more explanations about how to use your Passion Planner most effectively along with a calendar of the next two years.20170110_15180220170110_15215820170110_151849-1

  • Monthly layout

The monthly layout gives you an overview of what’s to come in the following month. Each monthly layout has some extra space where you can write down what you are going to focus on, who you are going to see or which places you are going to visit. There is also space for personal and work projects and a monthly mind map.20170110_152134

  • Weekly layout

Each week starts either on Sunday or on Monday, depending on which planner you have. Mine starts on Sunday, which gives me a nice amount of time to plan the week ahead of me, without the stress that comes with Mondays. Each week has a focus, to-do list (both personal and work related), words of encouragement and space of infinite possibility, where you can write whatever you want. This is where you can get really creative with your planner and make it your own.20170110_151938-1

  • Monthly and end-of-the-year reflections

After each month, there is a monthly reflection. This is your time to sit down and reflect on the last month. You can write down what lessons you have learned, what you are grateful for, how you can better yourself and so much more! I find this truly great, because reflecting on your past can help you with achieving your goals. It’s a way to keep yourself accountable for your actions and keep you focused on your goals. And of course, at the end of the year you would want to look back and see how you did, so once again this space of reflecting will help you do that.20170110_152100-1

  • Free Passion Planner Pdfs

And because this is not enough, there are also free passion planner pdfs on the Passion Planner site! Water/ habit/calorie/finance tracker…you name it. They have it all! I personally have added a water/habit and finance tracker to my weekly layouts and so far I love it, because it keeps everything important to me organized.

  1. Why it works
  • Writing helps with envisioning your goals
  • Trackers keep you accountable for your actions
  • The monthly reflections allow you to go back and analyze how you live
  • It gives you space for improvement
  • When things get tough, you can always go back to your passion road map and remember why you started
  • You can be creative with your planner and tailor it to your needs
  • If you can’t afford a Passion Planner, you can participate in the many giveaways the company organizes, you can wait until there is a sale or you can print it out like I did. There is always a way!

For more information visit

Until next time!



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