Chocolate Nudes Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hello everyone and thank you for joining me once again! Today we are talking about eyeshadow palettes and about one palette in particular Chocolate Nudes by Catrice Cosmetics.20160514_185059_clean.jpg

This is palette 010 Choc’Let it be and it contains six chocolate-nude shades. All of the colors have a very silky texture in warm and cold shades and are so mesmerizing! As you can see on the pictures, there is one shimmer-y base color, one matte base color, one darker color to create a deeper crease with, two shimmer-y golden shades and one very deep brown color with which you can create a beautiful smokey eye. There is also a double-ended brush in the palette, which is great if you decide to refresh your makeup on the go. You can even use the lightest color as a highlighter! All of the colors would work beautifully on green, blue or brown eyes and you can do no wrong because they are very wearable.20160514_185023_clean.jpg

If you live in Germany, you can find the eyeshadow palette in every DM or Müller and it costs about 5 Euro. And if you live in the States, you can order the products online on the Ulta site.20160514_185513_clean.jpg

All in all, this eyeshadow palette is extremely affordable and it’s so versatile. You can create at least five or six different looks with it and it’s perfect for beginners as well. I highly recommend it!



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