Black and White Affair

Hello beauties and thank you for joining me!

After I posted my nail care routine on Monday, I decided to follow with an easy to do manicure that looks very elegant. Down below is the step by step tutorial and all of the products will be listed, as well. So, let’s get started!

How to:

  1. Firstly apply a base coat on all of your nails to protect them from getting stained.
  2. Paint the nail tips with black nail polish but leave one statement finger clear. And in my case this is my ring finger. You can use the crescent-shaped nail guides that usually come with a French manicure kit. I buy my nail guides at DM, which is like a department store here in Germany. I am positive that they are not so hard to find and they can be really helpful, especially if you are a beginner. 20160413_153920_black.jpg20160413_153157-1_clean.jpg
  3. Apply one coat of white nail polish on your statement finger and let it dry.20160413_154943_black.jpg
  4. Paint one half of the nail with black nail polish. Once again you can use a nail guides in order to get a clean line. There are nail guide kits that come with 50 stickers in different shapes. For example, I bought such a kit from DM, peeled off two stripes that I pasted diagonally on my nails before I painted them with the black nail polish.20160413_155919_black.jpg
  5. Apply a top coat on all of your nails and let them dry or use dry drops to help speed up the drying process.20160413_161806_black.jpg


  1. Base coat: Manhattan nail strengthener
  2. Black nail polish: Essence the gel nail polish in 46 black is back
  3. White nail polish: p2 hands & nails in French White
  4. Top coat: Catrice cosmetics gel like 2 in 1 base & top coat
  5. Dry Drops: Essence nail art express dry drops

And this is everything! I hope you like it and you find this tutorial helpful!



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