Review: Isa Dora Foundation

Hello beauties!

Today I’m reviewing a foundation I bought about two weeks ago and started using immediately! It is the 16 HRS Active Moist Make-up by Isa Dora.wpid-20151026_122057_black.jpg The foundation comes in a 30 ml glass bottle and has a pump which makes the applying a lot easier for me. It is fragrance free, clinically tested and it has 6 different shades. And it also has an SPF 30 in it, which I really appreciate! It says that it is suitable for all skin types but you may have a problem if you have oily skin like me. After applying the foundation, I have to use a bit of a transparent powder to keep my face shine-free throughout the whole day. It provides a medium coverage and it is a very buildable. My advice to you would be to work in thin layers and to put a bit more of it only on the places you need to. I would say that you can use the concealer technique without the concealer. Just use the foundation and press a bit more of it on the places you need to (eg. around the nose area, if you have redness there or wherever you have an active breakout or a scar that you want to cover up). The foundation is easy to apply; however, you have to give it a good shake before using it. It is creamy but not as creamy as the Indefectable by L’Oreal Paris or the Super Stay Better Skin by Maybelline New York, for instance. I find it blends quite easily if you use a sponge and just press the foundation gently onto your skin.wpid-20151026_122207_black.jpgwpid-20151026_122245_black.jpg

As far as recommendations go, I would absolutely recommend it. In my opinion this foundation is definitely worth the money and the difference between this one and the drugstore foundations is noticeable. It evens out the skin, it covers red patches, breakouts and scars very well and it stays on your face the whole day. I would say that it is by far my favorite foundation!

Do you have a favorite foundation? If so, which one? Let me know in the comments below!



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