Dealing with failure and setbacks

Hello lovelies!

Today’s post won’t be beauty or fitness related. I want to talk to you about setbacks, failure and dealing with rejection. This is not an easy topic for anyone and I feel like we don’t talk about it enough. Everyone wants to show their success to the world but no one talks about the hard times…

And the truth is, everyone goes through tough times and everyone needs a little pick-me-up-talk after experiencing a downfall. Today I experienced one and the first couple hours I didn’t know how to feel about it…at all…because it was a shock. I strongly believed that I will succeed but I didn’t. After I got the news I went on with my day with the intention to do what I was supposed to do – studying, working out and writing the new blog post. But my head wasn’t in the game; I couldn’t focus so I stopped. I stopped doing everything and I just sat down on my desk staring at the wall. Blank… I just couldn’t keep going, no energy, no motivation, no plan, no nothing… just a blank space in my mind.

Then I went back in time and started asking questions. Why did this happen? Why didn’t I succeed? What did I do wrong? Don’t I deserve it? Am I not good enough? You see, the thing is… life happens. And it happens for a reason. If you are here, if you are given the chance to live, you deserve it. But there is a trick. Life will constantly test you. Every struggle, every disappointment, every downfall is a test. You are going to hear a lot awful “no’s” before you hear the “yes” that you want. Because nothing worth having comes easy. You have to be prepared for it. If you are not strong enough, you will get stronger. If you don’t pay enough attention to what’s happening around you, you will. Life will put you through the same test until you learn your lesson but once you do, you will never ever make the same mistake. I slowly come to the realization that life will always give you what’s best for you at this very moment. It is difficult to understand but you have to learn to trust the process. You’ll probably ask “Well if life wants what’s best for me, how come I didn’t succeed?” Maybe what you wanted to have is not for you, maybe you will get something better in the future or maybe you are just not ready yet. At this very moment you don’t know the reason why it happened this way but you will find out over time. I bet you’ve already had one of those moments where you said “Oh, okay, I get it now, this situation suits me way better, I’m so happy the other thing didn’t work out.”  Right? I know, I’ve had them. It is way easier to understand it afterwards, in the moment when you feel down and you don’t like the place you are at, everything seems miserable and it doesn’t make sense. But it will. Take your time, think things through, sleep on it and search for a way to keep moving forward. There is always a way and one “no” or many “no’s” won’t stop you from achieving your goals. Learn to adjust and get back on track, don’t allow yourself to fall off the wagon and let everything go because of one setback. If you don’t give up, you are going to come out of the situation stronger than ever and you will be very happy that you held on.



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