Tips for having healthy hair

Hello beauties!

Like most of the girls out there, I pay a very special attention to my hair. I try to keep it healthy and shiny but I don’t want to give up styling it as well. This is why I came up with a routine that allows me to style my hair and keep it healthy at the same time. Stick with me if you want to know more!

  1. Find a shampoo for your hair type.

This one is important. There is a reason that there are so many different shampoos out there. I used to wash my hair with whatever shampoo I liked at the time but after I started using a shampoo for my hair type I noticed a difference. For example, I have fine, curly hair, which means that I have hair that gets oily in the roots (because it’s fine) but have dry ends. Over the time I found out that volumizing shampoos and shampoos for curly hair work best for me.

  1. Use a conditioner/hair mask

I can’t live without my hair mask. I’ve talked to my hair dresser several times about this. She knows my hair and advised me to ditch the conditioner and just use a hair mask because I have very dry ends. Aaand it is a game changer! My hair is soft and shiny and I don’t have any trouble brushing it.20150726_151543

  1. Deep condition your hair

For deep conditioning I use coconut oil most of the time. Sometimes I mix it up with avocado ( you can try my Deep conditioning mask ) or with olive oil. I try to do it once a week and leave it for at least one hour on my hair. If your hair is more on the oily side, you can deep condition it once a month. I think oils can be very helpful as they nourish the hair and the scalp. And I think they work on every hair type, you just have to figure out how often you can deep condition according to your hair type.

And my secret weapon- coconut oil!
And my secret weapon- coconut oil!
  1. Trim your hair

Maybe you won’t like the sound of that, especially if you are trying to grow your hair longer but trimming your hair is important. Let me make one thing clear though. Trimming your hair won’t make it grow faster! Hair grows from the roots, which means you have to keep your scalp healthy in order to have beautiful hair but trimming your hair will make it look better. Trimmed hair is healthy hair because there are no dead ends. You will automatically have shinier, healthy looking, more beautiful hair if you trim it every 6-8 weeks. It doesn’t have to be much, 1 cm is more than enough and the difference after 6 months will be huge!

  1. Minimize any heat damage

No one says that you can’t use heat at all. I know I can’t give up my straightener for the sake of my life! Seriously! I just can’t! But I have a rule. Take care of your hair, don’t use heat more than 2-3 times a week and always use a heat protecting spray. If you want straight hair, straighten it or blow dry it with a round brush. If you want curls, use a curling iron. No problem. Just remember to take care of your hair first.

  1. Lead a healthy lifestyle

This is quite self-explanatory but having a healthy lifestyle is important for every aspect of your life. In order to do your job good, take care of your family and kids or be productive, you need to be healthy and have energy, right? Well, the same applies for your hair. I try to eat healthy (lots of veggies, fruit and protein), I am physically active and I try to get enough sleep every night. I promise you will feel and see a difference in your hair if you ditch the unhealthy foods and try to lead a healthier lifestyle.

So, it all comes down to having a routine. Be patient, love the process and you will get there. Like everything in this world your hair will get used to the routine and will grow healthy and strong. And honestly it’s the small effort that counts. You won’t believe what a huge change a deep conditioning mask once a week or reducing the heat you use on your hair could make over time!

These are my 6 tips for a healthy hair. Do you have any tips? Let me know in the comments below!



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