How to make your own workout schedule

Hello girls!

It’s Sunday which means it’s time for a health post. Today I’m going to show you how to make your own workout schedule. I’ve been following Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide for three weeks now and thank God I made my own schedule! I don’t know about you but time management is not my best quality and the schedule has definitely made it easier for me to stick to my workout plan.

First of all, why customizing a schedule when you can just find one on the internet and print it out? I find it easier to customize my workout plan according to my schedule. It is hard to find an online template that fits your schedule perfectly. We all have busy lives and we need to plan things ahead, this is why customizing your workout schedule could work for you as well!

This is what you are going to need:

  • Colorful pens (I prefer them because they make it more fun but you can use a regular blue pen as well.)
  • A rubber (in case you make a mistake)
  • A ruler
  • A pencil
  • A sheet of paper (A4 format)wpid-20150913_145235_black.jpg

And this is how you do it! Take the sheet of paper and write down the name of your workout plan and the dates ( mine goes from 21.09.2015 till 18.10.2015; exactly 4 weeks or a month; this is currently the workout schedule for the second month of the training plan, so basically weeks 5-8 ).Draw up 4 columns (2,5 cm x 29 cm) and divide each column into 7 squares for every day of the week (4 cm each). Divide each column into two (one for the day/date and the second one for your workout of the day).wpid-20150913_152216_black.jpg Leave a bit of space (about 7-8 line or 4 cm between each column), this is where you are going to write down your progress. I measure myself at the end of each week, so on Sunday morning I get up, I weigh myself and measure my chest, waist, hips and thighs and then I write everything down.wpid-20150913_153210_black.jpg

And now some more information about my workouts. The second month of training is definitely more intense. I have been working out 6 times a week, once a day during the first month of BBG. During the second month I’m going to work out 6 times a week again but two times a week I’m going to work out twice a day. So, the intensity is getting higher but the workouts are the same (Legs, Arms, Abs, LISS and one stretch session).wpid-20150913_154252-1_black.jpg

Finally, here are some more tips about following a training plan.

  1. Set a goal.

This is probably the most important step that you have to take. Having a clear vision will keep you motivated when it gets tough. So, think about what you want. Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to tone up? Or do you want to be just more active? Whatever it is, build your workouts around your goal.

  1. Pick your level.

Are you beginner? Can you keep up with more intense workouts? Be careful and don’t overdo it, especially in the beginning. Be very clear about your level and build up from that point on.

  1. Schedule your workouts.

This is where my workout schedule comes in handy! How often do you plan on working out? How many rest days are you going to have? When are you going to have your cheat day? It is up to you! You have the freedom to customize the plan according to your own schedule.

  1. Incorporate a healthy eating plan.

Everyone knows that training is only half of the battle. You have to incorporate healthy eating habits, as well. Educate yourself, sit on the computer and read something about healthy eating. Learn about carbohydrates, protein and fat, read about how your body functions. Or go to the library and find some useful literature on this topic .Just start somewhere!

  1. Keep track of your progress.

This is another way to keep yourself motivated and to carry on. Weigh yourself, measure yourself or take progress pictures. Again, it is up to you but keep some kind of progress journal because this is going to help you get better at your workouts and it will show you what you do right or wrong.

If you find this post useful please like and subscribe to my blog for more beauty and health related articles. And if you decide to do my schedule please take a picture of it and tag me on it, I’ll be very happy to see it!



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