Squeaky clean brushes

Hello beauties!

Today’s post goes out to all of my makeup obsessed ladies, who are even more obsessed with cleaning their makeup brushes.

I try to clean my makeup brushes at least once a week or even twice a week, when I have the time to do it.

I used to use a baby shampoo in the past but I wasn’t really satisfied with the end result, because I could see some dirt on them even after cleaning them three times in a row. This is when I found an old video of Michelle Phan on YouTube , where she shows how to clean your brushes with an olive oil and dish-washing soap. So I decided to give it a try and the results were amazing! I washed them with the combination of olive oil and dishwashing soap one time, afterwards I started using a regular hand soap because the dishwashing one was a bit harsh on my skin.

We all know that washing your brushes with a brush cleanser can cost you a lot, especially if you wash them more often. But what you can do is to wash them with a brush cleanser once a month and to use this combination every other time. In the pictures below I’m showing you how to do it, even though it’s no brainer. You just have to put some of the olive oil and the soap on the brush you want to wash and then rub it gently between your palms. Wash everything with water afterwards and leave the brush on a towel until it dries completely.wpid-20150805_170629-1_black.jpgwpid-img1441741005093.jpg

What I can say from my personal experience is that the hand soap doesn’t break me out and the olive oil keeps the brushes soft. It is a DIY worth trying!



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