Summer Feeling

Hello beauties!

Today I have a nail tutorial for you! It is an easy, step by step tutorial for everyone, who is just getting into doing something different with their nails. Enjoy!

Here are the products you are going to need to achieve this look:

  • A base coat ( Ultra strong nail hardener by Essence Cosmetics )
  • A base color ( Color Show in 349 Power Red by Maybelline New York )
  • A white nail polish ( Pro French Tip Whitener in 11A by Manhattan )
  • A yellow nail polish ( The gel nail polish in 38 love is in the air by Essence Cosmetics)
  • A transparent nail polish or top coat ( The gel nail polish in 01 absolute pure by Essence Cosmetics )
  • Optional: Dry drops ( Nail art express dry drops by Essence Cosmetics)
  • Nail art DUO Stylist by Essence Cosmetics20150614_160224-1-1

Now let’s get to work!

  1. Apply your base coat and wait until it is dry.
  2. Apply one or two coats of your base color and wait up to ten minutes for it to dry. You don’t want it to be sticky, so be patient. 😉 20150614_144731
  3. Now it’s time for the fun part! Take your Nail art DUO Stylist and the white nail polish. Make small dots on your thumb and your ring finger. Try to form a small circle with a bit of space between each dot. The dots are going to be the flower petals.
  4. Now take the yellow nail polish and put a small dot in the centre of each flower. Wait for the dots to dry. It will take up to ten minutes for them to be completely dry.
  5. Apply top coat or transparent nail polish. If you want to speed up the drying process use dry drops.
  6. Finish your manicure with a bit of cuticle oil or hand cream. I used a bit of coconut oil.Collage 2015-06-14 16_14_02

And that’s it! You have a cute manicure that is perfect for the summer!



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